Beware of EU Business Register fraud!

Another internet-based fraud has been added from the Netherlands. An invitation e-mail prepared by giving the impression of an official institution named EU Business Register 2021/2022 is sent to companies and they are asked to sign a contract with the lie of free registration (!). Then they receive an invoice which cost 995 Euros.

The e-mails sent come in a very professionally prepared PDF form. The company representative is asked to fill in this form and send it as a stamped and signed response to the e-mail in any electronic format. At the end of the very short e-mail, there is the phrase “updating is free of charge”, but the first step of fraud begins here.

The update is said to be free, but not “registration is free”. At the bottom of the professional-looking PDF form attached to the e-mail, the statement, in thin letters, clearly states that the registration fee is 995 Euros, and in fact, it is stated that this fee is annual. A fraud disguised as a very legal(!) looking transaction.

When the company officials say that it is free of charge, let us register our company in Europe, and fill out the form and send it, they are faced with an invoice of 995 Euros. According to the comments on, when this bill is not paid, the lawyers of the fraudulent company call the companies and harassed them to pay the bill.

This professionally crafted fraud example proves once again that we shouldn’t blindly trust every e-mail from the Internet.

BT Magazin

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